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Shy Keenan



The most shocking childhood story ever told. An inspirational author who survived it.

“I was born and broken in Birkenhead, abused from infancy by a network of every kind of pervert from ‘thinks it’s love’ to ‘show it hurts’. I was unwanted, beaten, sold, swapped, photographed, filmed, left for dead, corrupted, blamed, betrayed, ignored and orphaned.

But I was also born with a fire inside me. I call it my Phoenix Fire. I am no victim – that word only describes what happened to me. Nor am I a survivor because that implies I am over it. I am a Phoenix – a work in progress. This is my story…”

Paperback | £8.99 | 26 May 2022

ISBN:  9781914451003

Also available in ebook and audio

'I found Broken very painful (in fact, I remain haunted by its contents). Shy is trying hard to make the world a safer place for my children.' Observer

'Beaten, left for dead and raped from the
age of four, but now a national campaigner -
Shy Keenan, we salute you.'
Eve magazine

About the Author

Shy Keenan co-founded Phoenix Survivors to campaign for justice for victims of sexual abuse and to rescue children at risk. Her work has been recognised by the British government as a crucial part of the battle to protect children. She lives with her family in the countryside.

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