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Dirty Briefs


The hilarious struggles and shocking tales of a bare-knuckle criminal barrister.

From top to bottom – a shocking and hilarious journey through the legal profession unlike anything seen before.

Straight from the bowels of back street police stations, locked psychiatric wards and the criminal courts, these are the brazen tales of a bare-knuckle barrister.

“For those who think that all barristers are high flyers blessed with fabulous incomes and sophisticated lives, this book will decisively re-inform you. It will dispel any myth that those we trust to steer the ship are any less maladjusted than the clients they represent.

Unapologetically rude and irreverent, welcome to the real world of criminal barristers; an unruly place where nudity, misappropriation of sex toys and dirty protests are not just for the accused, and where judges’ discomfort brings widespread joy.”

Paperback | £9.99 | 1 September 2022

ISBN:  9781914451171

Also available in ebook and audio

About the Author

A lad from the sticks, my early childhood was spent in my dad`s scrap yard where life was dominated by the ebb and flow of police cars and criminal defence solicitors. When a career adviser inputted my data into a computer and the computer proposed ‘career criminal’, the prophecy was very almost fulfilled. 

Starting from the bottom rung of the ladder in 2001, I worked my way down from trainee solicitor, mental health tribunal advocate, solicitor advocate, and finally plumbing new depths as a criminal barrister working on behalf of both prosecution and defence in crown courts across the country.

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