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Mardle Books celebrates first Sunday Times Bestseller as Vow of Silence hits the Top 10

The team at Mardle Books have their first Sunday Times Bestseller with Vow of Silence, just a few months after launching the imprint.

Vow of Silence, the second of four titles being published by Mardle this year has become a Sunday Times bestseller in its first week of sales. Released posthumously by author Suzanne Walsh’s daughter, Melissa, it is a gripping memoir about Suzanne’s life in Dublin’s church-run orphanages.

Publisher Jo Sollis says: We are so happy to have made the Bestseller list with just our second book to launch. Our list is shaping up beautifully and it’s wonderful to be working with authors who have such amazing stories to share with us all. I’m genuinely excited about the future of Mardle Books.

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