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The Notorious Guide to Britain

Paul Donnelley

A fascinating tour of the weird, wonderful, murderous and marvellous,

A fun and informative trip around the highways (not forgetting the low ways) and byways of Great Britain. Within its pages you will find love and romance, murder and mayhem, royalty, aristocrats and commoners, politics and politicians, sex and scandal, sporting triumphs and sporting disasters, millionaires and eccentrics, film stars and train robbers and much more besides.

  • Why were some customers at Harrods offered cognac or smelling salts during their visit to the store?

  • What links DJ “Whispering Bob” Harris to a split pair of velvet trousers?

  • Which high street store issued a patent for a drug to treat syphilis?

  • The staff of which shop had uniforms by Mary Quant and hairstyles by Vidal Sassoon?

  • Who placed a sign on her bedroom door bearing the legend ‘Chief Chick’?

  • The cashpoint was invented while someone was having a bath

A fascinating tour of the weird, wonderful, murderous and marvellous by Sunday Times Bestselling author Paul Donnelley

Hardback | £12.99 | 13 October 2022

ISBN:  9781914451072

Also available in ebook and audio

About the Author

Born in London, aged 15, Paul Donnelley wrote a quiz for the late Jeremy Beadle on the London radio station LBC, beginning an association that was to last almost 30 years. Two years later, he was the biggest outside contributor to the best-selling Hunter Davies's Bigger Book of British Lists. A lifetime dedicated to writing, editing and collecting odd facts, Paul is currently Head of Production at and a trivia columnist on the Daily Star. The Notorious Guide to Britain is his 30th book.

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