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Diary of a Student Nurse: Love, death, friendship and ward rounds

Suz Evasdaughter

A touching account of the life and death situations, friendships and affairs of the heart of a student nurse in the 1970s. 

Suz Evasdaughter’s engaging style conjures a vivid picture of the hospital dramas, the procedures, the professional barriers and the camaraderie that became her world.


From her first encounter with the dead, to the joy of seeing new life. From cancer wards and unexpected loss to canteen laughs and much-needed moral support.

Suz’s personal experience captures both an era and a wonderful profession – warts and all. “I was allowed the privilege of being with people at their most vulnerable and painful moments and, I hope, brought them comfort. It was a great honour to be with people in their last moments. People who knew they were dying trusted me with their worst fears and their lost hopes. “Nursing taught me compassion and provided a strong foundation for life. It brought me stability, a community, a base from which to find my way and an invaluable skill set.”

Paperback | £8.99 | 12 May 2022

ISBN:  9781914451140

Also available in ebook and audio

About the Author

Suz Evasdaughter completed her nurse training and gained a 2:1 honours degree, then her career took her in many different directions. She was inspired to change her name after living in Sweden, in order to honour her mother (and all mothers). As well as a writer, Suz is a feminist, a prolific traveller and sculptor; has trained in nutrition and psychotherapy, and lives in her own woodland in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in East Sussex with her dogs.

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