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Taken: A True Story of the Pain and Scandal of Forced Adoption (Stolen Lives)

Michelle Pearson

In 1972, sixteen-year-old Michelle Pearson gave up her baby for adoption. It was supposed to be the end of the story. Michelle was told to forget she ever had a child and ‘get on with her life’. But it wasn’t that easy. In the years that followed, Michelle felt the fall-out of that decision, which left her battling with post-traumatic memory loss, agoraphobia and anxiety so acute it often landed her in the hospital emergency room.

Michelle never stopped blaming herself. But five decades on, long hidden secrets are revealed that might have saved the years, happiness and the right to be a mother that she lost when her baby was taken.

Paperback | £9.99 | 01 Sept 2022

ISBN:  9781914451768

Also available in ebook and audio

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