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The Tales and Tails of a Yorkshire Vet: All in a Day's Work

Peter Wright

The nation’s best-loved vet looks back at his long and highly successful career and recalls the funniest, the most absurd and the most heartbreaking animal encounters he’s had.

From lancing abscesses to carrying out castrations on young bulls; from clipping the claws of naughty cats to putting to sleep beloved pets whose lives have become too painful or uncomfortable to prolong - Peter’s done it all.

Meet Possum, the bad-tempered cat with overgrown claws who wasn’t going to surrender to the clippers without putting up a fight! Or the foul-mouthed parrot who liked to turn the air blue. Read about the escaped emu that needed to be taken home in a wheelbarrow. And let’s not forget Morris, the young stray cat who stole Peter’s heart.

The Tails and Tales of a Yorkshire Vet serves up another collection of wonderful stories from Peter’s life and work. Going back to his early years, he recalls some of the key moments of his career and his most memorable patients.

Hardback | £20 | 11 May 2023

ISBN:  9781914451782

Also available in ebook and audio

About the Author

Peter Wright was born near Thirsk in October 1956 and grew up in North Yorkshire. He qualified from the University of Liverpool in 1981 and worked at Skeldale until 2021, where he practised alongside Alf Wight (aka James Herriot) eventually taking over his practice. Peter is the star of the TV series The Yorkshire Vet, which follows his life and work in North Yorkshire. When not working, Peter enjoys playing bridge, gardening, taking part in tractor rallies and spending time with his family.

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